In recent years, the Archipelago of Bocas del Toro has been recognized by specialized tourism magazines, as a place to visit during the holidays to which we accede each year, as a rest to the strenuous working days.

Of all the islands, Carenero, where el Faro del Colibri is located, is a small cay where there are no streets or land vehicles other than bicycles.

For that reason, it is the ideal place to rest away from the usual noise of the bigger towns, where the sounds of the traffic and the activities of those places, reduce the possibilities of tranquility, especially in the nights.

And yet, Carenero is located just five minutes by boat from the city of Bocas, a logistics center for tourism, where there are numerous restaurants, bars, discos and the main dive centers and excursions in the region.



Many people enjoy walks around the Carenero Cay.

There are sandy beaches on the east side of the island with beautiful views of Bastimentos and Solarte. Stop in at Dona Mara or Bibi's for a meal or a drink and a great view.

Venture a bit farther north, the area is uninhabited and shells and coral washed ashore are easy to find. The northern most tip of Carenero has some of the world's best surf!


Hummingbirds, herons, egrets, pelicans, frigates, fisher eagles, hawks and parrots, all can be seen on Carenero.

Birds Island is a must see stop for Bird watchers. A beautiful, small island rising 50 feet out of the water, inhabited only by wildlife including many species of birds.

The Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, Marine Laboratory Bocas del Toro.


Many water sports activities are available. You can choose from a selection of day tours and visit numerous islands in the spectacular Bocas del Toro archipelago.


By far one of the most popular day activities is a day long snorkeling and beach trip by boat, easily organized with independent water taxis in Bocas.

If you're willing to join others to fill a tour boat (8-10 people) average cost is $25/pp.

If you are a group of 4 or more, we can recommend trusted boat captains to take you on a private tour.

The most popular circuit includes Dolphin Bay (yes, you usually do see dolphins), Coral Cay (beautiful reef, lots of fish! Then lunch in one of the restaurants over the water followed by an afternoon sunning at Red Frog Beach or snorkelling at Hospital Point.

Including Zapatillas Cays, gorgeous! uninhabited islands, part of the Bastimentos National Marine Park, will increase your fare to $30/pp.

Day Tours are also available to Boca del Drago, Starfish Beach and Birds Island.


Contrate su tour de pesca con un capitán muy experimentado y seguro. Contacto: Julio Surgeon, 6612-5039



Day Tour with a licensed, experienced captain, sails around various islands in the archipelago includes snorkeling. Can accommodate up to 20 people, $45/pp and includes lunch. Reservations are recommended during the high season, Bocas Sailing.


Some of the most pristine, unspoiled reefs in the world are found right here in the Bocas archipelago. Beautiful reefs are near to Carenero. While masks and snorkles can be purchased in Bocas Town, if possible, we do recommend you bring your own.


PADI certified Dive Centers, La Buga Dive and Bocas Dive Center are located in Bocas, just a 2 minute boat ride from Careening Cay.


Our favorite site for weather updates and surf reports: Magic Sea Weed

World Class surfing around Bocas del Toro. The northern tip of Carenero, 20 minute walk from Careening Cay, has an impressive reputation for challenging waves. Check out Paunch Beach, Bluff Beach, Wizard Beach.

Surf boards are available for rent in Bocas at Tropix and Mono Surf School. Escuela Del Mar, on Carenero, also offers rentals and lessons.


Red Frog, Bluff, Bocas del Drago, and Zapatillas are favorites. For big waves and surf, try Pauch and Primera.


Spanish by the Sea and Habla Ya offer private and small group lessons.


Soposo Rainforest Adventures offers 1-5 day tours up the Teribe River and into the mountains. Visit Naso Indian communities, native crafts people, organic medicinal gardens, enjoy white water rafting.

Oreba Chocolate offer day tours up into the mountains to visit a Cocoa Plantation and Chocolate Making.

Super Gourmet, for gourmet treats and delicious deli sandwiches. Located across the street from the ferry dock. Cosmic Crab Cafe delicacies are available for take home or provisioning your boat. Just heat and serve!

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