The lodge covers a sector on the sea, on the coast of Cayo Carenero, where the cabins are located, as well as on the terrestrial part of the island, where the apartment building is located.

Bocas del Toro, on Colon Island, is just 5 minutes across the bay. Then, it is possible to enjoy a cosmopolitan place and center of activities in the region, such as Bocas del Toro, and at the same time, in the Cay, a quiet and pleasant place, with small beaches and transparent waters.

The cabins are located in the area of the lodge located on the sea, easily identified by its lighthouse and with wooden elevated ways that connect them with each other, with a small dining room and with the terrestrial sector.

The building that houses the apartments is located on land in front of the beach and the place of passage of tourists and locals that walk the key.

Our location allows us to have spectacular views, to other islands, especially Bastimentos and Solarte; the first, where the second town in importance of the Archipelago is located, and the second, one of the tourist attractions of the same.

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Carenero Cay, Bocas del Toro

(507) 757-7315 (Office)
(507) 6791-0840 (Adriano)